Our philosophy

Our adventure started in Argentina in 2009.

Our passion for cycling and our desire to use natural materials have led us to create more environmentally friendly bamboo bikes.

We offer a whole range of bikes, but also a wide choice of frames and accessories, all 100% bamboo handcrafted.

Our designs are the result of different influences, we combined the Argentinian and French know-how with the creative designs specific to Barcelona’s urban culture.

Our manufacturing methods involve a number of steps, with high quality control, where artisan production work combines technology with advanced industrial processes to create an unique, high-performance product.

We worked together with an expert in aeronautics for more than 5 years to reach an optimal level of resistance and quality.

Inspired by the tradition of master craftsmen and by the best manufacturers in the fields of motor sport, motorcycle and cycling, we design and handcraft bicycles in bamboo using a production system with environmental sustainability at its heart.

We use phillostachys aéréa bamboo from the Río de la Plata delta region (Tigre) and the province of Misiones, Argentina.

We are part of an eco-citizen approach to develop and support the local economy.

Beyond its amazing technical characteristics, using bamboo for our bicycles contributes to ever greater environmental collective conscious awakening.

Thanks for your acquisition. You are now an actively participant of a more responsible and fairer trade.

Why using bamboo?

  • Bamboo is ideal for building bicycle frames and forks because it is tough, flexible, elastic and eco-friendly all at the same time.
  • Its strength is comparable to steel. Bamboo fiber can withstand tensile strengths of 40kN / cm2 (steel withstands up to 37kN / cm2).
  • Its natural flexibility absorbs the irregularities of the road. The vibrations are soften which offers a more comfortable ride.
  • Bamboo grows quickly and is one of the best environmentally natural product that can be grown capturing 35% more CO2 than other plants.
  • The production of a bamboo bike saves about 90% of the energy and resources needed to manufacture the same bike in aluminium, carbon or steel.
  • Each one of our creations is unique because of its nature, each bamboo rod is different.