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El Xupet Negre or ‘The Black Pacifier’ in Catalan, was the first artist we collaborated with, he is one of Barcelona’s most famous street artists.

He came up with his distinctive logo in 1989, and it has been found drawn, painted and pasted all over the city, attracting widespread interest and curiosity since he delved into the world of street art in 1991.

Xupet Negre’s fame increased throughout the 1990s and, like many of his contemporaries, he soon progressed from a world of illicit tagging and late-night creative escapades to the production of commissioned pieces and ‘live’ painting performances at galleries and festivals worldwide.

Tim Marsh

Tim has developed a very personal architectural style, composing his works on the basis of complex and dynamic geometric forms, patterns and lines which embed movement within the depths of his two-dimensional works.

His creations provoke a theatrical mood taking in a palette of retro-style colours which he applies with spray, paint and Poscas.

Working on our bikes Tim uses a technique of juxtaposition of his drawings with engraving on our bamboo frame to give birth to a unique mobile art piece.

His artist work completes perfectly our handcrafted pieces made of one of the most ecologic and efficient material.

Albert Blanchart

More famous under the name of Ninron, studied at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas and Oficios Artísticos (Llotja) in Barcelona where he specialized in photography.

He was also very interested in painting and caricature and developed his personal touch in fantastic surrealism.

His interest in new forms of art scribbled on the walls like the pieces produced by Obey, Suso 33, Banksy, Cope2, Invader, marks a turning point in his career, he begins to draw on the walls of big cities!

It is after seeing his work on skateboards that the idea came to us to collaborate with this great Spanish artist, his work is characterized by a style of classic old school graffiti.