Resistance test


Our bicycles have been subjected to the most rigorous resistance tests by the Argentinian organization INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology), recognized by AENOR (European organization).

On December 19, 2011, we submitted our Buena Vista prototype to a series of basic tests.

These tests have been executed for verifying whether the Buena Vista model met the criteria required by the IRAM 40020 standard (reference documentation).



Mass impact

1. Mass impact

Impact of the fork-frame assembly

2. Impact of the fork-frame assembly

Static load on saddle and pedal

3. Static load on saddle and pedal



After inspection, the frame, the bamboo stubble’ sections and the fibre joints of the tested model showed no visible fractures or cracks.

The results described are specific to the model put to test. We are planning to carry out similar tests on our frames and forks with the European organization based in Germany, TUV ( in 2018.