Frequently Asked Question

Yes, our frames were put through all sorts of trials for more than six years. Not only related to the IRAM 40020 standards, but also to destructive and real use tests. They have shown to be stronger over conventional materials such as aluminum.

Bamboo canes have fibers that run through the entire longitudinal length of each cane. This allows the cane to retain its toughness and strength, even when they are tore. In terms of resistance bamboo canes are superior to aluminum and carbon since these, once cracked, lose their structural strength and are no longer usable. On the opposite, a cracked bamboo cane can still be used without risk.

The joints are handmade with aeronautical fiber composites (glass and/or carbon) and epoxy resin. This technology is the same used in the construction of ships, aircraft and in the aerospace industry. 

The main advantage of a bamboo frame is functional – they offer a more comfortable ride than classic bicycles. Bamboo material has incredible elastic and flexible properties and allows a better absorption of shock caused by road irregularities. 

First, imagine a hit caused by a hole on the road. Now imagine the impact transmitted by a rigid material (such as carbon and/or aluminum) to the saddle of the bike and then the rider. Now imagine that same hit but transmitted through a bamboo cane. Thanks to its elasticity and flexibility, the bamboo absorbs the vibration so the rider doesn’t feel so much the impact.The best way to feel the difference is to try it, come and test one of our bikes. Book a time with one of our partners.

The weight of a bamboo frame is comparable to an aluminium frame. The weight is never exact, as each cane is unique. 

Bamboo is a very lasting material however we cannot give you an exact number. It is comparable to wood, if proper care is given, it gets better over the years. It is common to find very old objects made of bamboo across the world. 

Like any object we love, it is not recommended to leave your bamboo bike exposed to the sun and the rain all the time. We’d to advice with regular maintenance and calibration standard, done by oneself, or by some trusted bike shop. 

Yes, every part of the bike is 100% standard. You can get and/or replace at any bicycle shop.

The maximum recommended weight is 110kgs.

Nothing to worry about! the bamboo canes are protected by several layers of polyurethane varnish which is one of the most waterproof and paintings in the world. It also has UV filter. However, it is recommended to dry it quickly so that the metal components of the bike do not get rusted.

It is important for your MALON BAMBUBIKE to have the following care: 

  • Moisturize the wood, occasionally, with wood oil 
  • Clean mud and wood dust often 
  • Always keep mechanical parts clean and lubricated 
  • Give full service to the bicycle at least once a year 


By the structure of bamboo a tear does not affect its performance, so you can continue to use it without fear, it is important that you notify us any tears to validate your warranty. MALON Bambubikes is responsible for these problems while your warranty is valid, ending this period, we can repair the problem at low cost.

NOOO. They are made of cane!

Yes, it is real cane!

The most ecological bicycle is the one you ride most

All bicycles are environmentally friendly because using them makes us move to a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living.Bamboo bikes are made from a natural raw material with one of the highest rates of all renewability. Its extraction and treatment does not require any polluting process. And bamboo plantations produce 35 % more oxygen than similar other plantations. But to be really ecological, it must be ridden.
The greenest bike is the one you use most.

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